Management and structure

Fedris, the Federal agency for occupational risks, is a public institution of social security and is part of the Belgian federal administration. The agency was created on 01.01.2017 as the result of a merger between the Fund for occupational accidents and the Fund for occupational diseases. Fedris is under the supervision of the Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health.

Fedris is led by a general managing committee, composed of an equal number of workers’ and employers’ representatives. Besides, there is also a specific managing committee for occupational accidents and another one for occupational diseases.

Technical committees support the managing committees with their advisory capacity:

For occupational accidents, these are:

  • the technical committee for the prevention of occupational accidents
  • the medical and technical committee
  • the technical committee for sea fishery
  • the technical committee for merchant marine

For occupational diseases, these are:

  • the technical committee for the prevention of occupational diseases
  • the Scientific Council (getting advice from various medical committees)

A general administrator assumes Fedris' day-to-day management and carries out the managing committees' decisions. The assistant general administrator and the departments' directors support the general administrator in his missions.

About 450 people work for Fedris, with various profiles ranging from administrative assistants, accountants, communicators, file managers, doctors, HR assistants, IT assistants, social inspectors and controllers, engineers, legal experts, logistics assistants to social assistants and translators.

Fedris is a member of the European Forum of the insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases.

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