Local presence

Do you need help as a result of an occupational accident or an occupational disease? You can visit Fedris' social workers in various cities. You will find their office hours at the bottom of this page.

Pandemic update: there is no local presence organised in Roeselare and Turnhout for the time being because of local security measures against the coronavirus.

At all other locations you have to make an appointment in advance.

Are you a rightful claimant of a fatal occupational accident? Do you have a permanent work incapacity as a result of an occupational accident and you have mobility problems? Contact the social worker in your area and ask for a home visit.

You can also contact the social workers under the following numbers: +32 2 272 28 20 (French) and +32 2 272 28 10 (Dutch); or you can send an e-mail to socialatfedris.be. For specific questions about occupational diseases, please call +32 2 272 29 00 (French) or +32 2 272 23 10 (Dutch) or send an e-mail to maladieprofatfedris.be.


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